Los Angeles Times: Conservationist doing Right by Threatened Whale – 1996

Brazil Approves First Whale Sanctuary – 2000

Biographical Interview to Instituto Museu da Pessoa – 2006 (in Portuguese)

Brazil Leads Another Bid for a South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary – 2006

The Life of Someone Protecting Whales – 2009

Brazil in the Frontline of Whale Protection – 2009

87 Countries Sponsoring Whale-Watching Tourism – 2009

Whaling Delegates “Fed Up” With Japanese – 2010

A Powerful Industry Voice on the International Stage – 2015

Speaking Out About the Dive Industry´s Economic Clout – 2015

Brazilian Marine Conservation Abandoned by “Socialist” Regime – 2014 (In Portuguese)

Dive Industry Supports Palau Marine Sanctuary – 2015

Margi Prideaux´s book Global Environmental Governance, Civil Society and Wildlife: Birdsong After the Storm – 2017

On the Controversy about Large Marine Protected Areas – 2018

José Truda, Saving Brazil – Interview to Melissa Márquez on ComCienciaAzul podcast (in Spanish) – 2018

On 43 years of environmental activism – 2021 (in Portuguese)

Brazil and Environmental Activism Past and Present – 2021 (In Portuguese)

José Truda Palazzo, Jr. Inspires Us to Love and Protect Whales and Sharks – Interview with Ran Elfassy in the Shooting It RAW Podcast – 2021.

On the massacre of whales and dolphins for “sport” by the Faroëse islanders in Denmark – Jornal da Band Podcast (in Portuguese) – 2021.

How To Fight For The Protection Of Marine Biodiversity – Interview with Taylor Morgan for The Captain’s Lifestyle podcast – 2022.

A Conservação das Baleias no Brasil. Entrevista à RDC TV – 2023.

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